The Twenty-Sixth International Conference on Language Instruction of ROCMELIA
The Twentieth APAMALL-ROCELIA Joint Conference

第二十六屆國際多媒語文教學研討會 (多媒體英語學會)





On behalf of APAMALL and ROCMELIA, we are pleased to announce that the Twentieth APAMALL-ROCMELIA Joint Conference (Twenty-Sixth ROCMELIA International Conference) will be held on June 3 and 10, 2019 in Xiamen, Putian, Pingtan, and Fuzou in Fujian, China. This unique conference includes speeches of outstanding scholars and top Lions Leaders, the visiting of historical and cultural scenic spots, and the activities of discussions over the application of  GETPAW, the PIP System and resources of the Deep Education Network of Universities and Enterprises for setting up a global university with the view of making the world more peaceful, prosperous, and blissful. Your participation and contribution will be greatly appreciated and is sure to help empower the Deep Education Lions Internationally Growing Happy Team (DELIGHT) with wisdom, altruism, and knowledge to achieve the goal of this influential conference: “Promoting World Peace, Prosperity, and Bliss”. Several keynote speakers will be invited to deliver a speech on their recent research. Other areas of research on multimedia and foreign language teaching and learning will also be presented. We cordially welcome your participation at our international conference. We are certain that this conference will offer you an informative and enlightening experience. We look forward to seeing you at the conference. Thank you.

Co-Conference Chairs

Distinguished Professor Yuangshan Chuang
Founding President of ROCMELIA
International President of Deep University
Senior Advisor, Lions Clubs International Foundation

Professor Francois Victor Tochon, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Co-hosts Institutions: ROCMELIA, Deep University, KING Lions Club
Co-Sponsors: Deep University, National Kaohsiung Normal University
Affiliated Associations: CALICO, EUROCALL, IALLT, LET

Conference Theme 大會主題:


World Peace, Prosperity and Bliss

Conference Dates and Venue 大會日期與地點:
June 3 (Monday) through  10 (Monday), 2019
Xiamen, Putian, Pingtan, and Fuzou in Fujian, China

Conference Formats
1. Keynote Speeches will be announced later.
2. Paper Presentation
3. Hypermedia Workshops
4. Courseware Presentation

Finished or near-finished papers and courseware which address well-founded theories and creative practices are especially encouraged. Thirty suggested topics of interest concerning language education which may relate to technology are listed below for your reference:

1. Language Proficiency Test on the Web
2. Virtual Community Language Instruction
3. Collaborative Learning
4. Communicative Instruction
5. Corpus Linguistics and Language Instruction
6. Courseware Design
7. Courseware Evaluation Models
8. Culture and Language Instruction
9. Educational Simulation and Gaming
10. Expert Systems and Language Instruction
11. Global Education
12. Hypermedia and Language Instruction
13. Intelligent Language Instruction
14. Intelligent Tutoring Systems
15. Interactive Language Instruction
16. Language Instruction Modeling
17. Language Instruction Strategies
18. Learning Motivation and Language Instruction
19. Linguistics and Hypermedia
20. Linguistics and Multimedia
21. Linguistics and Language Instruction
22. Literature and Hypermedia
23. Literature and Multimedia
24. Literature and Language Instruction
25. Multimedia and Distance Language Instruction
26. Multimedia Language Instruction
27. Networked Resources and Language Instruction
28. Society and Language Instruction
29. Authoring Systems
30. Artificial Intelligence and Language Instruction
31. Tablet PC and Smart Phone-based language instruction

*** Correspondence Information 聯絡資料 ***
For further information, please contact us at ROCMELIA.

TEL: +886-7-2251035 (ROCMELIA)

*** ROCMELIA stands for "The Multimedia English Learning and Instruction Association in Taiwan," whose members consist of professors, teachers, and students.
***APAMALL stands for “The Asia-Pacific Association of Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning,” whose members consist of professors, teachers, and students.
*** Please pass this notification along to your colleagues and friends.

Call for Papers

 Step 1: The submission of one page abstract (no more than 300 words) Each paper should include a title, the author's name, affiliation, and email address, and a 300-word abstract. This conference is only for invited speakers.

Step 2: The submission of the Proceedings Material All Proceedings material should include a title, the author's name, affiliation, and email address, a 300-word abstract, key words, the main text and references. Submitted proceedings material should comprise not more than 13 pages and must be written in English or Chinese. Chinese papers should include an English title and abstract. The text should be single-spaced on an 8.5" x 11" format. The letter font and size should be 12-point Times New Roman. The paper should be ritten in MS-Word format. Accepted papers will be published in the proceedings, with the understanding that the author(s) should register. Please consult the following web address for topics and related information: You can write us a message at Please submit your proposal below first if you plan to present your paper at the conference.
Title of presentation:
Name of Principal Presenter:
Affiliation and Position:
Equipment needed for presentation:
Language(s) used in presentation: Primary: ________ Secondary: _________
Fax Number:
Email Address:
Mailing Address:
Phone Number: Office:____________ Home:____________ Mobile:_____________
One-page abstract enclosed: Yes: ____ No: ____
Paper enclosed: Yes: ____ No: ____

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