APAMALL Board of Directors (Tentative)

The Directors' Bio-sketches


1.      President: Professor Chuang (Founding President of ROCMELIA)

2.      President-elect: Professor In-Seok Kim (KAMALL President)

3.      Vice presidents: Seikyung Cho (KAMALL), Professor Chi-Ming Chuang

(President of Open University of Kaohsiung)


These three officers must be endorsed at the APAMALL general assembly.


4.      Secretary General: Chin-Chun Cheng (ROCMELIA),

5.      Treasurer: Li-yi Huang (ROCMELIA)

6.      APAMALL Journal Editor: Stephen Ohlander (ROCMELIA)

7.      Programs Director (Korea): Chung-Hyun Lee (KAMALL)

8.      Programs Director (Taiwan): Chung-Shun Hsia (ROCMELIA)

9.      International Liaison Director (Korea): Kyu-Tae Jung (KAMALL)

10.  International Liaison Director (TAIWAN): Fu-Hsing Su (ROCMELIA)

11.  International Coordinator: Barry Natusch (Nihon University)


     The above six officers should be chosen by the Board of Directors.

    Supervisory Members

Il-Yoon Kim, National Assemblyman, (KAMALL)

Wei-Yang Dai, President Emeritus of the English Teachers Association 



Advisory Members

Takeo Kuniyoshi, President, LET (Japan)

Byung-ho Lee , Supervisor, Seoul City Board of Education (KAMALL)

Chen-Ching Li, Dean of the Liberal Arts College, Shih Hsin University (ROCMELIA)